Pamela Feinsilber, writing consultant and editor
Here's what I can do for you...

...while you're writing

* Read your proposal, story, or manuscript, or whatever portion you choose to send me.

* Write you a lengthy note regarding all aspects of form and content. This can include suggestions for developing certain areas, themes, or specific points; cutting or rearranging text; adding material; and clarifying your intentions. I'm great at asking questions! I might note writerly distractions such as stylistic excesses or passages that call attention to themselves. My job: to make your ideas clear and your prose sing.

* Meet face to face if you live in the area, or by phone if you do not, to discuss all of the above and more. Technology is a wonderful thing: I've worked just as well with writers who live 3,000 miles away as with those who live in the next town.

...before you send something to an editor or publisher

* Do a substantive line edit, including thorough copy editing, to polish your writing and make sure you're submitting the best work you can. Even if you (or a very helpful friend) have gone over everything a dozen times, it's easy to overlook a mistake. I won't miss anything.

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